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A Pox on the Patriarchy

SSRIs: It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

This is a blog I’ve been meaning to write for a while. I’ve held back mainly out of fear. I know that by writing this for public consumption, I’m giving … Continue reading


Fear in Enclosed Spaces – Don’t Be That Guy

Yesterday I had two rather similar experiences, with vastly different outcomes. One was rather enjoyable – the other triggered a pretty drastic trauma response, the after-effects of which are still … Continue reading


A Brief Comment on Peter Nunn, Sentenced Today For Twitter Abuse

Today, Peter Nunn has been sentenced to 18 weeks in jail under  section 127 of the Communications Act, for sending electronic messages that are “grossly offensive or of an indecent, … Continue reading


A Response to Jo

This is the blog to which I am responding: http://image-not-available.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/we-need-to-stop-pouring-buckets-of-shit.html First of all, I just want to say thank you so much for reaching out and starting this conversation. It is … Continue reading


I Have A Right To Say I Am Being Abused And It Is Not OK

I have been reflecting on why I have reacted so strongly to today’s Guardian article which classified the “TERF wars” as a tit for tat squabble. I covered in this post briefly … Continue reading


This is Abuse

I am scared of posting this. Of course I’m scared. Look at how violent these people are. I am, frankly, terrified. But I think it’s important that we be clear what … Continue reading


Don’t Tell Me Violence Against Women is “A Game”

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been threatened, I’ve had people quite disturbingly plotting to “destroy” me – I believe they mean my career and ability to earn a living rather … Continue reading


What Does Being “Cis” Mean For A Woman?

Today I got a bit cross. I do that occasionally. I have been watching the non-binary versus feminism wars getting increasingly heated and thinking, one day, I’ll write a considered … Continue reading


.@Twitter: Optimised For Abuse

Last summer I was the target of months of violent, misogynistic abuse. The abuse was widely reported, although the worst tweets (most of the tweets), were never broadcast or printed, … Continue reading


Marriage versus Sex-Work: A Question

Yesterday, I had a piece in the New Statesman about marriage – specifically, about marriage certificates. Having recently got engaged, I had discovered, to my horror, that the legal document … Continue reading


“Empire Building”: Career Feminism and Me

I tend not to do much about the daily stream of attacks, insults, wilful misrepresentations and misinterpretations that constitute my daily online life. Not anymore. I just put up and … Continue reading


How To Attack A Feminist

It’s come to my attention that yet another overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated wonderful woman who is fighting her guts out, day after day, on behalf of all of us, has come … Continue reading

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This Is Feminism: Speech at Cambridge Union Debate

I thought I’d upload the text of this speech, which contains a celebration of some awesome feminists from around the world, for International Women’s Day 2014. The motion was “This … Continue reading

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Morning Pages

I dashed this off this morning as I wrote with Poppy on my lap – her head resting at the bottom of my pad of paper. I thought those who … Continue reading


It’s My Job To Educate You

I had about 20 minutes to kill today and I saw a tweet that set me off on a thought-path. Given I’m in a noisy cafe and in a rush, … Continue reading

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Intersectionality, Woman’s Hour, and a Very Long-Winded Apology

I don’t know if writing about this is a good idea. Quite possibly it’s a terrible idea. After all, everything has quietened down a lot, and I don’t want to … Continue reading

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A Note on Banknotes

There have been some persistent rumours, nastiness, and lies flying around about the women on banknotes campaign. So rather than spend my time repeating myself over and over again, I … Continue reading

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Revolution Born of Exhaustion

Today I woke up to a rape threat and a stream of abuse. The account that sent it is long gone, but the impact remains. A day in which I … Continue reading

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Reports of My Twitter Account Deletion Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

On Friday, I deactivated my twitter account. It wasn’t a decision I reached carefully, after thought and consideration. It wasn’t intended as a statement. I didn’t even really intend for … Continue reading

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Women’s Aid Speech on Cyber-Harassment

Before I begin, I just want to warn you all, that I will be quoting some of the messages I have received. They include offensive language and references to sexual violence, … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Media: A Plea For Fact-Checking

Dear Media, We’ve been in touch a bit over the past few weeks. And before I go any further, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for … Continue reading

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How to be the perfect victim – a how-to guide for good girls.

TW for victim-blaming, sexism and racism – many direct quotations included. Don’t feed the trolls If you react in any way other than with silence to people threatening you, you … Continue reading

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Porn is only damaging when it’s not Murdoch’s porn

Today our esteemed PM, the right honourable David Cameron, announced that from henceforth, ISPs will have to block all online pornography – and consumers will have to take practical steps … Continue reading

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Our New Lord Chief Justice: A Barrister’s Perspective

- Emma Dixon In November 2011, one of the country’s most senior judges, Lady Justice Hallett, voiced her support for the use of the ‘tie-breaker’ provisions in the Equality Act … Continue reading


The Day the Judiciary Didn’t Change

The news – although not yet officially announced – that Sir John Thomas is to succeed Lord Judge as lord chief justice of England and Wales shows how fallible some … Continue reading

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Banknotes Campaign Meets the Bank of England – Statement

Yesterday, the 9th of July, I met the Bank to discuss our campaign, how we might remedy the current issue of Churchill / Fry, and how we might ensure that … Continue reading


Taking the Fight to the Bank: Join us on Friday!

What a couple of weeks it’s been! We not only reached, but have actually passed our fundraising target of £13,000, which means we are now in a position to take … Continue reading

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We are running out of time; help spread the word and see justice done!

WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! We have raised an amazing amount of money to see justice done, but our deadline of the 24th of June is fast approaching! Please … Continue reading

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Bank of England Legal Challenge is Going Ahead

As we announced last week, the Bank of England responded to our letter threatening legal action with a disappointingly dismissive response. Their letter claimed that the Equality Act did not … Continue reading

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Don’t Read the Comments? Why The Hell Shouldn’t I?

As I completed my victory lap* around the internet this morning, I did something I have trained myself not to do, after too many disheartening and even disturbing experiences. Yes … Continue reading

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Let Me Explain Mervyn: change.org/banknotes

- Caroline Criado-Perez On this auspicious day in 2013, Mervyn King, our esteemed Governor of that august institution, the Bank of England, graced the airwaves via the Murnaghan Show on … Continue reading

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BBC Sexism Strikes Back

- Caroline Criado-Perez Women getting fired from their jobs because they sprouted their first crow’s foot. Men – and only men – talking about women’s bodies. Men holding nearly twice as … Continue reading

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A Vindication of the Representation of Women

UPDATE: See this very relevant tweet from @matt_sperling:  Yesterday, the Bank of England unveiled its latest banknote. It’s a crisp shiny new fiver. And we’re all very excited about it, … Continue reading

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No More Silencing

Pubic hair. Always guaranteed to generate debate. Always guaranteed to make me cross. And this morning’s debate, instigated by the release of this article in the Independent was no different, and … Continue reading

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Women Experts & The BBC: A Small Sliver of Progress?

- Caroline Criado-Perez The battle to get women represented in public discourse often feels like a losing one. There’s a lot of noise and bluster, and occasionally there will be … Continue reading

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The Brilliant Women Collection: Review

- Sarah Crook If it weren’t both creepy and inappropriate (and possibly borderline illegal) I’d be standing outside my local high school handing out copies of this book rather than … Continue reading

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O Gaping Hellmouth

Words: Caroline Criado-Perez O Gaping Hellmouth Why are you so elusive? You’re meant to be obtrusive, Yet I can’t find your abyss; Your absence seems remiss. Mentioned in Henslowe’s list … Continue reading

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Where Are All The Women?

Post by @dani_beckett A few weeks before Christmas, I found myself on a train sitting across from a lovely family of mum, two kids (a boy and a girl) and grandma. … Continue reading

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Feminist Check-List – What Do You Believe?

- Caroline Criado-Perez 1. Do you believe men and women are equal?  2. Do you believe women have the right to self-determination? 3. Do you believe women have the right … Continue reading

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In Her Own Words…Interview With a London Call Girl: Review

- Caroline Criado-Perez “I love it. It’s fun now. But sometimes I can’t stand it. Sometimes I really hate it. But a lot of the time, I like it. I … Continue reading

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A “Predatory Teenage Girl” Speaks Out

The author of this post has asked to remain anonymous; she wrote it in response to Nikki McWatters’s piece, “Predatory Teenage Girls“, in the Huffington Post  When I was 15, like many … Continue reading

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The Narcissism of Privilege: The Left Needs to Be More Not Less Aware of It

- Caroline Criado-Perez “…let’s put aside our differences and start fighting back” says Tom Midlane in a recent New Statesman piece on privilege checking. Or as he so eruditely puts … Continue reading

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The Women’s Room – Week Woman Interview

Watch from 15:35 to find out about The Women’s Room – an online database set up to address the lack of female representation in the media! Interview with Caroline Criado-Perez.

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“More or Less”: The Stats on BBC Sexism

- Caroline Criado-Perez I’m starting to think the BBC is trying to play hard to get. Is it something we said, BBC? Did we come on too strong? Perhaps we … Continue reading

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Binders Full of Women? Here’s a Binder, Full of Women’s Poems

- Sarah Crewe and Sophie Mayer When Mitt Romney claimed he had been given “binders full of women” by women’s organisations in Massachusetts, it was the moment that launched a … Continue reading

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The Misogynist Elephant: Why Women Are Reluctant to Label Themselves ‘Experts’

Jane Thomas The under-representation of women in news reporting has come into the spotlight once again this week, courtesy of a series of high profile debates and discussions about women’s … Continue reading

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Making A Binder for the BBC: Women and Expertise

- Caroline Criado-Perez Expert, n. “One whose special knowledge or skill causes him to be regarded as an authority; a specialist.” The OED’s use of the male pronoun in this … Continue reading

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Abortion: One Woman’s Story

The author of this post has asked to remain anonymous I have asked Week Woman to publish this blog for me anonymously because it’s about my abortion and, while I … Continue reading

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Abortion, Reason and The Left: Why Mehdi Hasan is Wrong

This has now been cross-posted on the New Statesman; do comment there if such is your wont! *     *     *     *     * … Continue reading

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