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Guilty Patriarch Crush of the Week: Mr Thornton

But not just any version of Mr Thornton. Oh no dear readers.

The version of Mr Thornton that never fails to make me yearn for my own personal piece of the patriarchy, is the Mr Thornton so ably portrayed by Richard Armitage.

Oh readers! His piercing green eyes, his deep, yet restrained voice, his patriarchal ways with his fists, his bottled-up repression (yes that tautology was deliberate). Frankly, it’s enough to make a feminist shudder with pleasure at her weak little feminine knees.

As he strides around Melton, his brooding brow matching his sombre clothes – and his stride majestically reminding us of his raw power – I find myself going all lady, and longing to be swept up in his powerful arms.

And when he smiles, oh! readers, I burn, I pine, I perish!

And of course, (of course) he is deep as well as dangerously attractive – he sees our Margaret’s passion – and recognises her as more than his equal – nay, his superior. Good god, will someone please pass me the smelling salts!

7 comments on “Guilty Patriarch Crush of the Week: Mr Thornton

  1. slendermeans
    August 10, 2012

    You and I might have to share Mr Thornton (Mr Armitage). I love him (patriarchy and all). I just can’t help myself!

  2. Emily January
    August 9, 2012

    I hate Mr. Thornton, especially in the book. I was appalled that they ended up together. I have to admit he was more appealing in the miniseries. But I wanted Margaret to end up with nobody. I wanted her to run away and start life anew somewhere else with nice people who would appreciate her.

    • Week Woman
      August 9, 2012

      Oh dear – not *actually* read this one…but it is *guilty* patriarch crush! Might have to go and read it now – but gaskell’s never appealed much. I’ve always sort of seen her as the lesser Jane Austen (N&S being a clear lesser P&P) and George Eliot…possibly I’m wrong.

      • Emily January
        August 9, 2012

        You’re absolutely right. I call her Jane Austen’s plagiarist. I hated every minute of reading North and South, but I forced myself to finish. Don’t bother with the book.

      • Week Woman
        August 9, 2012

        Aha, I shan’t bother then, and shall just continue to objectify Richard Armitage in peace!

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