Week Woman

A Pox on the Patriarchy

O Gaping Hellmouth

Words: Caroline Criado-Perez

O Gaping Hellmouth
Why are you so elusive?
You’re meant to be obtrusive,
Yet I can’t find your abyss;
Your absence seems remiss.
Mentioned in Henslowe’s list
Later you seem to be missed
Off all records of theatre props.
It’s almost as if you’ve been cropped
Out of all existence;
Did you put up no resistance?
Has the chasm of your presence
Swallowed all trace of your essence?
Have you yawned once too often
And become your own coffin?
Oh hermeneutic gorge!
Can you not hope to forge
Your own rebirth
And address this dearth?
From the fires of hell,
Be a Vulcan and quell
Doubts of your omnipotence.
Shake off your indolence
And re-emerge with hungry maw,
Desiring, gaping, open jaw,
Sucking, devouring without end
Pitiless to both enemy and friend.
You were voracious to fill your void
Never sated, you toyed
With your grisly food
Revelling in surfeit, always in the mood,
You were an inspiration,
Your absent presence a Revelation.
This world can again be yours.
The public aches to hear your roars
And groans and threatening growls,
Thunderous as from the very bowels
Of earth. Oh, don’t desert me now!
You and me, we’ll make a vow,
A pact, like Faustus and the Devil
And like the scholar we shall revel
In abundant luxury.
Indulging our senses, we
Shall ceaselessly glut our greed
Always yearning for a feed
Of sensuous pleasures. Our desire,
Hot as a raging fire,
Shall know no bounds.
We’ll strip the air, the sea, the grounds
Till, naked, empty, a barren waste,
This world, in shame at its disgrace
Shall beg oblivion in our hole
Grown immense and black as coal.
Oh how we’ll nourish our ravening eyes
With the enormity of this prize
And though its end is our demise,
For with the world our being dies,
We’ll feast on it with joyful relish
Sating our cavernous hunger hellish
Until we’re grown so wide and vast
From this unworldly repast
That we’ll leisurely start to expand
Slowly at first but quickening, and
Finally rushing as the whole universe
Is sucked into our vacuumed hearse.
Oh hellmouth, don’t you long for such an end?
A glorious extinction no God can amend!
To consume the stars, the moon, the world,
With sardonic ease, and your lips curled
As retribution for your own excision;
An incomprehensible decision
And one that should not be left unpunished.
O come on hellmouth, you must be famished!

2 comments on “O Gaping Hellmouth

  1. TheVicar
    January 15, 2013

    Good Lord, this is splendid stuff. What a talent!

    • Week Woman
      January 15, 2013

      ah the vicar – how we have missed you around WW HQ!

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