Week Woman

A Pox on the Patriarchy


So, Features. A bold title, don’t you think? But that’s us, readers. Here at Week Woman we are bold. We are brave. We are Week Women. (That’s the Rule of Three nicely dealt with.)

So, what will we be covering in these pages? Well, anything and everything. So long as it’s interesting and important, and is something that will affect our readers.

So that will include things like questioning the advisability of publishers using e-reader stats to decide what to publish.  It will include Lords’ Reform in the UK. It will include analysis of the link between online and street harassment. If there’s something that gets our goat, or, although this will obviously be rare, that we like, we will write about it and file it under features.

Through this heterogenous approach to our topics, we hope to make a small drop in the ocean, that, together with other drops being dropped elsewhere online, will make a whole new sea. A sea where women are not treated like consumerist junkies. A sea where women are not patronised and made to feel like people are only paying attention to them to criticise them, or to tell them to talk less, eat less and buy more.

And what do we call these little drops? We call them La Nouvelle Vague. Yes, it does sound a bit like that. And that’s why we like it.

So welcome dear readers, to the world of Week Woman. A world where you will not be bombarded with images designed to make you feel bad. A world which will not be running other women down in another attempt to make you feel bad, varnished with a thin veneer of an attempt to make you feel good. A world where you will not be patronised, but treated like the intelligent, passionate people you are.

Week Woman will be a world that aims to make you angry and to no longer want to put up with the patriarchy’s poisonous drip-drip-drip. We will fight it with our drop-drop-drop. And we hope you will crest the wave with us all the way.

One comment on “Features

  1. Robert Duncan
    August 2, 2013

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a good brain, should not feel threatened by a woman demanding equality.

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