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Banknotes Campaign Meets the Bank of England – Statement

Yesterday, the 9th of July, I met the Bank to discuss our campaign, how we might remedy the current issue of Churchill / Fry, and how we might ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Please see below for our respective statements.


Caroline Criado-Perez:

“I met with the Bank yesterday and welcomed the opportunity to put forward my concerns and the concerns of nearly 35,000 people who signed the petition to keep a woman on English bank notes. I am hopeful that the Bank has now understood the importance of this issue and I remain hopeful that we will be able to resolve this in an amicable manner without the need to resort to court proceedings.

I look forward to a positive announcement by the Bank in the near future regarding both our specific concerns over their recent decision to replace Elizabeth Fry with Winston Churchill, and the more long-term aim of reviewing their public decision-making procedures so that we can be sure that they are taken in an equitable manner.”


The Bank of England:

“Victoria Cleland, Head of Notes, and Chris Salmon, Chief Cashier, yesterday met Caroline Criado-Perez. The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to hear and discuss Ms Criado-Perez’s concerns and yesterday’s productive discussion will inform ongoing work at the Bank. The Governor has said that he intends to make a statement about banknotes later this month.”

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