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A Brief Comment on Peter Nunn, Sentenced Today For Twitter Abuse

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Today, Peter Nunn has been sentenced to 18 weeks in jail under  section 127 of the Communications Act, for sending electronic messages that are “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character”. He has also been placed under a restraining order, which means that he cannot contact me. I am grateful for this. This man terrified me perhaps more than any of the other men who took part in the sustained campaign of abuse against me last summer. But because of that, I feel that the charge laid against him was the wrong one. While what Nunn did was extremely menacing, I do not think that sending messages describes the essence of his campaign against me and Stella. I think that is better described with the term stalking.

Peter Nunn did the following:

He dug up my work history

He dug up my relationship and family history

He dug up my family’s work history – including publishing home addresses

He wrote reams of blogs about me and my every public move

He made numerous videos about me

He set up numerous twitter accounts all of which spoke almost exclusively  about me.

In these same twitter accounts he detailed the best way to rape and drown a witch, alongside repeatedly naming me as the head of a “witches’ coven”

He also boasted on twitter in the same account about having bought a gun, and wondered “how much death” this gun could buy him.

This man made me fear for my life as no-one ever has before. I felt he was a clear and present threat to me. He made me scared to go outside, to appear in public. He stopped me being able to sleep; being able to work. He seemed obsessed enough to carry out his threats. I am glad he has been found guilty. I am glad he cannot contact me again. I hope he has learnt from this.

But I think the CPS got the charge wrong. I don’t feel they understood what happened to me.

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