Caroline Criado-Perez

A Pox on the Patriarchy

Statement on Accepting an OBE

As most people know by now, I have accepted an OBE. I’m really honoured that someone from the British public thought of me, and took the time to nominate me. I never would have imagined having the work that I do recognised in this way.

But it’s not just my work. There’s an old joke which goes, OBE stands for Other Buggers’ Effort. That is particularly true for any award that recognises feminist work. Feminism is a group effort. It is not only impossible without the support and hard, often thankless work of your contemporaries, it is also impossible without all the women who came before you. All the women who fought and suffered and were laughed at and abused and dismissed, and who kept going anyway with no thought of any reward other than the liberation of women.

This OBE could never be for just me. I see it as a recognition of the importance of the feminist fight. It’s a fight I am proud to be part of and from which I have no intention of backing out.


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