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If — an ode to lefty men


This by the way is a direct quote from a lefty dude to me on twitter. It was pretty funny.

If you performatively bore on about the importance of listening to women while in fact only listening to women who already agree with you

If you pretend to care about misogyny, but only pay attention to it in so far as it affords you an opportunity to condemn women you dislike, rather than the men who actually perpetrate it

If you tear strips off the Wrong Sort of Feminist, using the small number of women who pat you on the back to give license to your misogyny rather than listening to the far greater number who are asking you please to stop (see also point one “listening to women”)

If you welcome a female leader, just not this one because she’s done things that every male leader ever has done and therefore is not a perfect human being

If you dismiss suggestions that your aversion to this potential female leader may be a result of your sexism by holding up another woman you would be only too willing to vote for — only to subsequently find a reason not to vote for her in turn

If you condemn “all forms of abuse,” when a woman brings up left wing misogyny, and furthermore urge said woman to keep quiet for fear of splitting the movement or making your comrades look bad — I mean, she’s probably a lying bitch anyway/making it up/imagining it

If you further minimise the misogynistic abuse suffered by women by pretending it is nothing more than intemperate wording and in any case justified because she is the Wrong Sort of Feminist

If your first instinct when you see a woman making a joke is to correct her or condemn her because women are there to fuck not to be funny

If you call yourself a feminist but go around explaining to women why they are doing feminism wrong — and then stand for leader of your university femsoc

If you have a feminist t shirt but have never read any feminist theory, or in fact any books by women

Yours is the World and everything that’s in it — natch, you’re a dude,
and — which is more — you’re likely a lefty dude, my son.

Nice one. Top Bants.

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