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The tech industry’s toxic bro culture is failing women

This week I’ve mainly been annoyed about Apple’s announcement that it was discontinuing the iPhone SE – the only model they make that fits the average woman’s hand size (and pockets). Yes, yes I know what you’re thinking. Get a real problem, lady, and why do you need an iPhone anyway?

Well, for a start, like a great number of people in Britain, I need a smartphone for work. And I happen to like the iPhone: I find it intuitive to use (unlike every Android I’ve ever tried).

So, yes, when I found out Apple was phasing out the only iPhone model it makes that doesn’t give my woman-sized hands RSI, I was annoyed. After all, women pay the same price for these products as men, why shouldn’t we expect them to fit our bodies?

But this is about more than a handset. It is a symptom of a much wider problem, and that is that we live in a world where, from medication to cars to phones, we design around male bodies. And the ramifications of this are much more serious than a bad case of RSI.

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