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Sorry Jordan…feminism can’t be beaten by bad science

It is my regretful duty this week to inform you that reports of women’s biologically-wired cleaning urges have been greatly exaggerated. The reports have been largely powered by a University of Gothenburg study of 130,000 people from 22 countries who took an online English-language personality test.

Researchers found that in countries with more women in parliament and the workforce, and more sex equality in levels of education, women score higher on all factors (neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness) of the most used personality measure, the ‘five factor model’. This, they speculate, means that “as gender equality increases both men and women gravitate towards their traditional gender roles”.

According to self-styled lifestyle guru, Jordan Peterson, the study is a “final discrediting” of feminism. “GENDER DIFFERENCES IN PERSONALITY AND INTEREST ARE STRONGLY INFLUENCED BY BIOLOGY. Period. The End,” he thundered on Twitter.

As the kids say, huge if true.

The thing is, it isn’t.

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